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moroccan in the mail

There is an Arab proverb that goes, “If you have much, give of your wealth. If you have little, give of your heart.” I love surprises, but I am usually on the planning end. Just a few days after I reviewed Salt & Pepper Books, I received a thrilling gift. I was home from work, waiting for the plumber, only to hear a knock at the door hours before I anticipated  his arrival. There was no one at the door, only this:

It was not from the plumber. Well, I was so touched and excited, I couldn’t bring myself to open it. So after a bit, I opened the card…

An early graduation gift from my dear Godparents. My coveted cookbook: Mourad New Moroccan. Isn’t it STUNNING?

    Nearly 400 pages of cultural and technical instruction on traditional and creative Moroccan cooking. I cannot wait! I might begin with the fried spiced almonds or  a homemade jar of preserved lemons. During last week’s vacation to Charleston, I picked up just the right souvenir to get me (and my spice collection) started!


Thank you to Rick & Lynette for this exciting gift I will cherish for all my days in the kitchen, and to Christine (the owner of Salt & Pepper Books) for making it so personal and lovely.



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