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the Indian spice cabinet

Until this evening, Andrew didn’t realize we had an Indian spice cabinet. This is ironic, as it is the most violent of our cupboards. All our boring, twice-a-year spices (nutmeg, thyme, italian seasoning), reside above the drinking cups, aligned in an … Continue reading

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the curry comeback

When the Brits got a taste of how spectacular Indian food is (my favorite cuisine, in fact), the—yes, the Brits—invented a spice blend to mimic Indian flavors. Curry powder, I made some last week when I ran out, can be as simple as turmeric + cumin + coriander + cayenne. Put it in a jar and people freak out. An alarming number of people have said to my face: Oh see, I don’ like curry. Well, if I can’t change your mind, this rice will change your world. Continue reading

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france’s third favorite dish

Pardon my absence, I’ve been graduating. And resting. And eating out. Now that I’ve completed my graduate courses in Nutrition, I feel hyper-aware of my responsibilities to promote good health—especially in my own kitchen. That’s why we’re talking whole grains … Continue reading

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street food: fritters!

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March 12, 2012 · 2:53 pm

recipe for success

I love cookbooks with photos. I want to know exactly how to plate a new dish, and how appealing it will look after my labor. With holidays and company and potlucks upon us, it’s time to peruse the ol’ cookbook collection for a … Continue reading


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eating out

On the eve of my first restaurant review, I find myself stumped over friend Sonny’s recent question: Where is the best restaurant you’ve ever dined? I began naming spots several states or countries away, to which Sonny responded, “That doesn’t … Continue reading


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a mighty (frugal) menu

I love cooking grand things, but the reality is the only adjustable expense in our budget is groceries (not as easy to negotiate car payments, tuition, insurance). So I still cook grand things, just with minimal ingredients. Of course you can find recipes aplenty on this blog with less than five ingredients. Continue reading


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a little chick[pea] told me…

Curry is a meat, vegetable, or fish dish with spiced sauce and rice or bread. In Britain, where chicken tikka masala is the national dish, “curry” is often a generic descriptor for all Indian food. However, the word curry describes more of a soup or stew, it is not a particular ingredient. Continue reading


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eastern essentials

For readers already infatuated with Indian cuisine, skip ahead. Once you discover the sensation that is Indian food, you’ll see how silly for me to go about explaining things. Whatever misconceptions you might have about “curry”, “spicy food”, and other … Continue reading

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soap salad

This is both a low-fuss and budget-friendly meal. And may I take a moment to mention that Andrew, who has little reverence for zucchini, noted it was a “nice touch” in this dish? And there you have it.
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