moroccan in the mail

There is an Arab proverb that goes, “If you have much, give of your wealth. If you have little, give of your heart.” I love surprises, but I am usually on the planning end. Just a few days after I reviewed Salt & Pepper Books, I received a thrilling gift. I was home from work, waiting for the plumber, only to hear a knock at the door hours before I anticipated  his arrival. There was no one at the door, only this:

It was not from the plumber. Well, I was so touched and excited, I couldn’t bring myself to open it. So after a bit, I opened the card…

An early graduation gift from my dear Godparents. My coveted cookbook: Mourad New Moroccan. Isn’t it STUNNING?

    Nearly 400 pages of cultural and technical instruction on traditional and creative Moroccan cooking. I cannot wait! I might begin with the fried spiced almonds or  a homemade jar of preserved lemons. During last week’s vacation to Charleston, I picked up just the right souvenir to get me (and my spice collection) started!


Thank you to Rick & Lynette for this exciting gift I will cherish for all my days in the kitchen, and to Christine (the owner of Salt & Pepper Books) for making it so personal and lovely.



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2 responses to “moroccan in the mail

  1. Lynette

    Love that mortar and pestle – it is just beautiful. So glad you are enjoying the cookbook – we love you!!!!

  2. Indeed Lindsey girl…you are most deserving…and we are thrilled to know you love our little gift. One of these days…we look forward to having you emply that new mortar and pestle…and whip us up some Moroccan magic!

    Hugs…and congratulations again on your latest and greatest academic achievement! Hugs! GDaddy

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