upon remaking this dish recently, I realized this post was desperate for appealing, updated photos and lacking a recipe for a complementary side dish. If you didn’t make it the first time around (when i wrote this in November a few years ago), we have a few moments of winter remaining—eat squash!

a pear to remember

November celebrates a variety of causes: National Novel Writing Month, National Adoption Month, National Pomegranate Month, National Homeless Youth Awareness Month, the list goes on. In Australia and New Zealand, November is the month men sport moustaches to raise awareness on men’s health issues. They call it Movember.

Though only a few days remain, I’m declaring this Squash Appreciation month. I’ve met many who claim they are simply Not A Squash Person. As though we are our own breed. Here is a dish to celebrate and appreciate a seriously overlooked nutrient-packed gourd.

In my fascinating grad school studies, I recently came across two terms apt for introducing this squash-altering experience.

This cheesey squash dish is the divine combination of everything we seek for our cultural eating dilemma:

neophilia: the pleasure of variety


neophobia: the comfort of the familiar

Do you love homemade mac and cheese? Creamy with crispy breadcrumbs on top? Do you love the idea of eating something…

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