out with the old, in with the blue

I’m officially paying my electrician in lasagna. Spinach-Pesto-Fontina Lasagna to be precise, and just you wait for that phenomenal recipe. It helps that our dear, dear friend—and his sweet wife—appreciate culinary reimbursement.

Before I share an exciting kitchen update in our cherished condo-living, let’s travel back in time to our kitchen apartment: living-eating-cooking space rolled into one, and the former kitchen table…

Our five cabinets were a little tight, serving space limited, and cookbook shelf shoved between a storage cabinet and printer…

As you can see, Andrew and I managed as the occasional cooking duo, but it’s a lot easier in our new home. (A special thanks to Bob for behind-the-scenes shots of this memorable brunch).

Besides sanding and painting our table set—a tedious summer undertaking on my part—and investing in a kitchen cart, the neccessary kitchen update was apparent: the terrifying lamp.

Our rental company insisted this kitchen light was not possibly in need of replacement, and those exposed wires were not really a hazard. Well, our handyman friend Dominic said, “Yes it is. Get yourself a new light and I will install it.”

A few sparks and fuse box visits later, and we welcome you to our ever-improving new kitchen…


The painted table is a definite improvement for the time being, especially with the World Market cushions I picked up with a moving gift from Andrew’s Nana and Granddad. In case you like our antique-brass pendant, you can find more information about it here. I also highly recommend this kitchen cart for small spaces needing extra storage and prep space. Dominic assembled it for me while his wife and I worked on this leek and brie gratin.

Should not we revisit the bartering system?



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7 responses to “out with the old, in with the blue

  1. I really like the light! At first, in the far away shot, I thought it was a colander because of the way the light came out. But it is much prettier than a colander. Big improvement!

    • Diana, your comment makes me giggle because my dream kitchen light would probably be something welded from antique cheese graters with lots of lights inside… I had never thought about a colander! Well, I will have to be conventional for now 🙂

  2. Lynette

    Linds – I love, love, love this light fixture and am going to read all about it!! It is so you and the way the light shines through it is to die for!! Again, love, love, love it!! I also think I noticed that you changed your fridge doors to open the right way for your kitcfhen. Didn’t they open on the other side when you moved in – I think I mentioned that. God I hope it was you and not someone else – then that would mean I have moved on to senile dementia as opposed to just forgetfulness!! Now you need to put some of your foodie photography skills on the wall in the kitchen. You know Costco has this photo thing where you take in your photos and they put it on a poster board type thing or even a canvas type thing in different sizes and it is not expensive. You wouldn’t even have to frame the poster board option. Look into it and then tell your parents!!! hahaha Love you!!!

    • Dominic changed our fridge door, you are right! Think i just offered a hug for that one… brought home a larger frosted bulb this morn, and it looks really lovely in the pendant. I am so happy you approve!

      I would consider some art for the long empty wall, and have a carrot print in mind, but I worry about the smoke and steam to quality art. The kitchen is much larger than our former! Lots of love.

  3. Kay

    Love the look of your light!! Your kitchen is adorable!

  4. Alice

    Yes, the light is lovely, but that leek and brie gratin looks delicious! Did I miss the recipe?

  5. Pops

    Didn’t I offer to put a light in for you when you first moved into the place? If not, you can still make me a great meal when you come next weekend. Also, the light is all YOU.

    Love Ya, Pops

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