it’s your birthday, baby (back ribs)

our beautiful new back yard that looks into the autumn woods

Andrew’s birthday celebration went off without a hitch—unless you count the new mouse in our house. In case you are counting, the score this morning is Mouse: 0 , Us: 1.

Thanks to Mom and Pops for the awesome firepit (and hand-me-down grill), we were all equipped for a woodsman’s birthday celebration with fire, hot coals, and meat.

It’s likely some of you visit A Pear to Remember for healthy, vegetarian recipes, but for the hubby’s birthday that would not do! On the menu:

Andrew’s Low-and-Slow Baby Back Ribs

Grilled hot dogs

Grammy’s Mac and Cheese

Grilled Rosemary Veggies

Mixed Greens

If you’ve ever been a dinner guest in our little home, you know about Grammy’s Mac and Cheese. I make it (by request) a lot. It’s completely unfair I have not yet posted the recipe here, but should my father-in-law and I really start that pub we talk about, I’m saving this dish for the House Special.

Andrew’s Baby Back Ribs

this amount fed 12 hungry guests, with some leftovers

3 whole slabs pork baby back ribs

olive oil

coarse salt

black pepper

Sweet Baby Ray’s Original barbecue sauce

Preheat the oven to 225F.

On a roasting sheet lined with aluminum foil, remove the back membrane with a knife (click here for a really helpful how-to video).

Brush both sides with olive oil; salt and pepper all over.

To make this a less messy, more efficient task, I prepped a small bowl of olive oil and a small bowl of 3/4 coarse kosher salt 1/4 ground black pepper within easy reach.

Top side up, wrap each set of ribs with foil leaving the top exposed to avoid steaming. Roast in the oven about 4 hours, until brown outside and no pink remains.

When cooked through, remove pans from oven and immediately brush the top with BBQ sauce. With a sharp knife, section the ribs into four-piece servings. Serve with additional sauce.

Enjoy with beer, meat-eating friends, and lots of napkins.



Next up: those rosemary grilled veggies I was talking about…


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  1. John Skaggs

    Andrew is one lucky guy!!!!

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