much ado about a (new) kitchen

Hi. I’ve missed you, and I can’t believe I have yet to tell you about last week’s memorable cheese flautas or pistachio pesto! But my final exam in Epidemiology is tomorrow, and then life will resume.

an announcement

It’s time to say goodbye to my cooking days… in our itsy apartment kitchen!! Okay, maybe sufficient for the average Joe, but not for those Lindseys who love using five bowls, two pans, and four appliances…

My present disaster zone:

looks deceivingly spacious with this panoramic camera feature.

The new place (we get the keys on Friday!) is just around the corner from our apartment. It has a charming, spacious stone patio where Andrew intends to grill to his heart’s content. Though we’ll need a grill first.

Besides converting the dining room to a music room (my piano + flute + retro reading chair), here’s the kicker:

A kitchen! With space! And counters! A built in pantry! And a new stove going in this Saturday!

This photo is taken from the breakfast room, yes a charming little spot for our teeny table beneath a second window looking out to the woods.

Two windows! In a kitchen! Oh, imagine.

Look around. Do you notice anything missing that may be in your kitchen? I’d love to see if you can guess in the comment section. If you’re closeby, perhaps the first commenter with the correct guess will win an invite to dinner?

Over on the left side with the 16 foot blank wall, I would like to put my cookbook shelf and storage island with cooking surface (as affordable, but maybe not as unattractive/boring as this). Suggestions?

the view from our breakfast room

Being vertically challenged, I am eager to organize our kitchen within my reach—Andrew will love the fewer calls to “fetch the brown sugar, pretty pleeeease. Any thoughts? Innovative systems in your kitchen?

Come back soon for some memorable meals and do-able recipes I made last week (it’s whole grain pasta and frozen veggies for Lindsey during Study Days). And remember to answer the What’s Missing In This Kitchen Photo puzzle below in the comment section!

side yard and guest room view


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13 responses to “much ado about a (new) kitchen

  1. john

    Microwave oven? Joska

  2. DeniseWelsh

    I notice a dishwasher and microwave are missing!!

  3. Lynette


  4. Mary Andrews

    Are there any outlets for small appliances?

  5. I see you have a gas stove, a fridge, a dishwasher…but are you going to put in a microwave? You might run out of counter space 🙂

  6. Congratulations! Really happy for you guys…and am wondering if Pops might have noticed you need a grill!? I’m sure you won’t need it…but just in case you start flambeing in your new “kitch” and things get out of control…make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy!! Hugs! Rick

    • Andrew is the one really dying for a charcoal grill, we’ll see if someone gets the hint! I’ve had a lot of success of for our new place, so fingers crossed.

  7. Kay

    Get spinning lazy Susans for corner cabinets especially for you spice cupboard. There are pull out baskets you can get for under the sink. I have an electric canopener that attaches under my cupboard so I don’t use counter space.

    • So helpful, Kay, thank you! I have never used lazy susans, but I bet they’re be helpful for those bigger cabinets. Where can I find inexpensive pull-out baskets?

      P.S. Our can-opener is the manual kind, keeping my counters clear by clinging tot he magnetic knife rack!

  8. Congrats on the new place! Hmm… is there a sink sprayer there or only the place for the sink sprayer? Cabinet knobs? Phone jack? The only other thing I noticed (because I’ve done remodeling) is the outlets don’t appear to be GFCI protected. Looks like a fun place!

  9. Mary-Dawn

    Congratulations on the new house Lindsey, so exciting!! I LOVE your kitchen and all of these yummy looking dishes you make. I am inspired, lol. Maybe slightly lacking motivation though. 🙂

  10. I am comforted to see that you too have an electric stove. Maybe we can swap techniques on how to cook with precision on a blunt instrument. I love where I live but hate that I can’t have gas. Blessings on your new home. Can’t wait to hear the prayer composed to bless the kitchen!!!

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