fruit roll-ups

Wow, the 125th post on A Pear to Remember. Let’s start at the beginning—of the day, that is. Americans face abundant breakfast options for a sweet start to the day:


It’s a shame my lactose intolerance means I can’t pile those whole grain Reese’s puffs in a bowl of cold milk—surely you know my love for cuisine inspired by late-night desserts? Because I can’t enjoy milk and cereal (finding lactaid “milk” intolerable), and I get awfully bored with repeated meals, I’ve been concocting interesting dishes to supply my morning calories.

As part of my Nutrition graduate studies, this summer I’m fully engrossed in Introduction to Epidemiology—you can imagine the fuel one needs to take those exams… and I don’t mean in the form of “Hot Fudge Sundae” pop-tarts. So I wrapped up a sweet, high-fiber, high protein breakfast that satisfies until my beloved lunchtime study break.

Walnut and Ricotta Breakfast Wraps

a regular Linvention, makes four wraps

6 walnuts

3 tbsp. ricotta cheese (low-fat if you prefer)

1/4 cup chopped strawberries (other berries or peaches; fresh and frozen work)

2 whole wheat tortillas

optional, tasty garnishes:


fresh mint

With a food processor

Blend berries, ricotta, and walnuts. Add a splash of milk or juice to loosen if necessary.

Without a food processor

Combine thinly sliced berries, ricotta, and walnuts (crushed into very small pieces) in a bowl.

Taste your ricotta-fruit mixture and adjust to your liking. Spread the mixture onto each tortilla, sprinkling lightly with cinnamon/mint if using. Roll tightly and slice each in half at a diagonal. Enjoy with coffee or juice!

photos from here, here, and here

Andrew and I have been obsessed starting our day with Newman’s Own Special Blend medium roast. What’s your favorite morning beverage?


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2 responses to “fruit roll-ups

  1. joska

    Lindsey, Marilyn and I have used Trader Joe’s (TJ) “original” almond milk (no lactose and $2.99 per one half gallon) on dry cereals as well as cooked steel cut oats (healthy) and like it better than cow’s milk ( chemicals, hormones, etc.) Our morning coffee is the freshly ground Costco (roasted by Starbucks) decaf with an occasional slice or two of TJ’s Cinnamon Roll Bread, advertised as “ooey, gooey” at $2.99 for a 24 ounce loaf. Keep up the good work, Joska + M

    • Thanks for the feedback, Mr. S! TJ’s Cinnamon Roll bread makes for extra-special French Toast, a weeknight meal Andrew and I resort to enjoy several times a month!

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