summer preview

My hubby Andrew is always anticipating the summer blockbusters… and I’m always anticipating summer produce. Since we’ve been busy house-hunting (a bigger kitchen in our future?) and attending grad school full-time (just me in that case), here’s a preview of upcoming—mostly original!—recipes I’ve got for you on A Pear to Remember:

breakfast ricotta berry roll-ups

farmer’s herbed summer casserole

orecchiette with corn saute

crunchy cornmeal plum galette


What is your favorite summer fruit or vegetable? Share in the comment section.

cooking in our kitchen this week:

cheese flautas with cilantro pesto + summer tomatoes

lemon arugula pistachio pasta + leafy salad

edamame rice bowls + steamed potstickers

paneer and chicken masala + basmati and naan

leftovers 🙂



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2 responses to “summer preview

  1. Jen Guernsey

    Peaches, definitely, because they are one of my favorite fruits but they are absolutely terrible 9/10ths of the year!

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