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Once again, dear readers, we are mixing it up.

Smitten Kitchen was my first. I had really not discovered another blog—I mean blog of any kind—before starting A Pear to Remember. But then came Use Real Butter and Not Without Salt and the blog love began. One could spend an entire day discovering new writers and recipes on blogs; thank goodness I do not own one of those “intelligent” phones with internet access.

Though my food blog community is growing, I am utterly hooked on home rennovation blogs and cannot pass up an opportunity to point you to the right (okay, scroll down a little more) to the new Nesting category.

You may recall my nutty nut wreath and abundance of interests outside cooking. Like reupholstering chair seats. What fun Mom and I had updating a chair for Lindrew’s bedroom at my parents’ home—yes, the walls are eggplant, how delicious! Sometimes I simply cannot restrain myself and must share other fun things with you (perhaps a flute concert next time). Who doesn’t love a fun before and after???

Since conquering this bitty chair, I’ve been eyeing all kinds of furniture to which I can take a staple gun (which I will be needing for Christmas, hint). Just need a house first. Andrew and I will be moving in the upcoming fall into a real live house, and I pray daily for a gas stovetop.

You will only find a few home blog links for the time being, but they are really cream of the crop. I think our apartment is super cute (in a funky, artsy way) and will be soon documenting our place in all its tiny glory before we pack up. Can’t wait to share with you. Food next time, promise.


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