butter soup

Yes, now I’ve got your attention. You see, I arrived home from work yesterday and landed happily in my resting place: the kitchen. For those of you who have alternative preferences for lounging, you will so appreciate this three ingredient soup. Summer has emerged from a rainy spring this week with hot, hot days here on the east coast. It’s just that kind of weather for such a pleasant color pallate: corn and lime.

Peeling corn may not sound like a post-workday activity for some. For me, it brought back memories of sitting on the deck with Mom, tearing husks over newspaper. Even with the peeling, this entire soup is on the table in 20 minutes. Guiltless budget-friendly creamy creamless soup with a flavorful low-fat side in 20 minutes?! Well, let’s get right to it.

Creamy Corn Soup

gently adapted from Fresh Food Fast, serves 8

16 ears yellow corn

4 tbsp. unsalted butter, cut into small pieces

coarse salt

suggested garnishes:

tortilla chips

lime wedges

sliced scallions or chives

Remove the husks and silks from the corn. My kernel method: using a large, sharp chef’s knife, slice the bottom of the cob so it is flat. Hold the corn upright on the flat end and use a gentle sawing motion to slice the kernels onto your chopping board.

Add the kernels to a large bowl, and be sure to add the cob’s milk to the kernels. I used the dull end of the knife to scrape all of the milk into the bowl, but found wringing the cob with my hands—in a twisting motion—released the most milk.

In a food processor (or blender), puree the kernels and accumulated juices with about 1 cup of water until chunky. If you are making the full recipe, you may need to puree in two batches.

(Though these are Martha’s recommendations, I found this previous step a little pointless if you’ve got an immersion blender—my most beloved used appliance).

In a large pot over medium-high heat, cook the pureed corn, butter, 3 cups water, and 1 tbsp. coarse salt until the butter is melted and the soup is heated through, 5 minutes. (I blended 1/2 cup chicken stock with the corn). Taste for seasonings—essential in every cooking endeavor. I found the soup surprisingly rich and added a little more water. The original recipe called for too much water, I liked the soup a little thicker.

Serve hot with generous squeezes of lime for a fabulous starter to my grilled quesadillas with salsa verde, coming up the next post!


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4 responses to “butter soup

  1. You are a best cook, aren’t you?
    It’s good that you love cooking. I dont know why..i just hate it..but I have to do it someday.. 😐 😐

    Amatullah @ http://stop0think.wordpress.com

    • I don’t think I’m the best cook at all. I simply follow recipes and read read read (and dream) about cooking. Since we all have to eat, which—if we care about our health and have the means to do so—does involve cooking, I write A Pear to Remember to ease the fear / dread factor!

      thank you for reading, Amatullah!

  2. Alice

    I love corn chowder but never made it because I figured it would be a lot of work. How nice to have an easy and tasty recipe to follow. Thank you!!

    • I had a really creamy corn soup at Nage in Lewes once, and couldn’t believe such soup would be creamless. It is remarkably easy, and I love that it’s really not necessary to have fancy equipment.

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