living in the past

Friends, it’s been too, too long since I’ve updated you with the exciting time-saving meals I’ve been making recently. I’m working on new recipes that will be up shortly.

Speaking of my stature, if leprechauns could be described as tiny people with funny vests and silly shoes…

Happy Saint Patty’s Day!


the short chef

P.S. I still use those orange measuring cups every day. That 2/3 cup lives right next to my box o’ oatmeal.

P.P.S. I was still cooking on that wooden stool every single day until it broke last week while Andrew happened to be standing on it—that’s how he tells the story. A real coincidence.



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5 responses to “living in the past

  1. Alice

    That picture is too cute! And I love the little white socks and sandals! Is that a chocolate chip cake you’re making? Even back then it looks like you cooked delicious things.

    • I think I was still in church shoes, but decided to change into cooking attire from the knees up? I’m pretty sure it must have been a cookie cake for Father’s Day or something.

  2. Tiny Lindsey looks as little as adult Lindsey. You have put those orange cups to good use.

  3. Pops

    You still look the same in my eyes.

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