blogiversary, baby

Yes, this bitty blog turned one.

95 posts so far, 6,409 views. A start!

Top reads on A Pear to Remember?

about lindsey

bookstore buffet

weeknight wonders

the life and death of tweety mccluck

And to recap:

where it all started,

how A Pear to Remember got its name,

controversial issues,

my favorite tools,

my favorite dinner (ties with this),

my favorite salad,

my favorite dessert

and Andrew’s top pick.

In store for the next year: Crisp(y) photos, more meat (with no plans to personally eat), healthy meals, famous mac-and-cheese recipe revealed, and more fascinating uses for vegetables.

A Pear to Remember will continue to be a blog for intriguing, delicious dishes. Affordable and time-efficient most days, extravagant occasionally, elegant always. A Pear to Remember will never be a blog where I try to lure readers into my vegetarian ways, force anyone to eat broccoli or reduce balsamic vinegar.

Next time, this walnut pasta with feta panzanella. Thank you for reading!



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