things that make us click

It’s that time again to ask the big question: How did we all get here?

I don’t have an answer for the metaphorical, but like last time, captured some amusing phrases that brought people to this blog. People from all over the globe ended up on A Pear to Remember after typing some hilarious, some heartbreaking, inquiries into their search engines…

“greetings in absence in the wedding”

“hiding swiss chard in food”

“too much soda uncomfortable throat”

“kitchen pear what does it mean?”

“i want email address of tilda rice in india”

“make life less difficult for each other”

“what do pears and dried roasted peanuts do to your body”

“meaning of as easy as it gets”

“can i get fridge door magnets of niagara falls in harrisburg pa”

“lovin’ scoopful”

“latest images of salad cutting”

“easy hairstyles to do in the morning”

“tornado potatoes”

“cabinet had spices now stinks”

However you first landed here, thanks for reading. If you find A Pear to Remember amusing, perhaps dinner-provoking, pass it on!



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