and all I could say was hello

As we’re only weeks away from the first blogiversary of A Pear to Remember, you might be wondering about its beginnings. The title’s inspiration, for instance? Why from one of my favorite films. Not that I own it, but I watched the heck out of our VHS growing up, until Cary Grant’s forehead warped into a balloon and the music grew steadily out of tune. 

In case you’re unfamiliar with the plot, the story is about two lovers whose paths cross at the wrong time. To see whether they can sort out their lives to make one together, they agree to part for several months and later meet at the top of the Empear Empire State Building.

Terry McKay says to Nickie Ferrante, “What makes life so difficult?” To which Cary Grant’s character responds, “People.”

I find these days that it’s what to cook for these people frustrating so many in the kitchen.

Though I hope this blog inspires cooks of all levels, it is truly for those suffering (what I like to call) L.C.E. that I write each post. Low-Cooking-Esteem affects individuals all over the world, and we can conquer this culinary conundrum one garlic clove at a time.

Nickie to Terry: "There must be something between us, even if it's only a Bartlett."

Not to spoil things for the handful of you out there yet to bawl your eyes out to this timeless film, but who can forget that wrenching ending where Cary Grant extends an olive branch anjou to Deborah Kerr?

This film deserves repeated viewings, especially for those of you who may have missed all the fruit references years ago. In my opinion, it’s hardly a coincidence Cary Grant’s grandmother “Janou” bears an anagram for Anjou—a similarly sweet, delicate thing. And you must listen carefully when she says it, but there is that pivotal line from Deborah Kerr, “Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories. We’ve already missed the spring… produce.”

Appropriately, An Affair to Remember was released in 1957—and here at A Pear to Remember we have nearly 5,700 viewers. Okay, maybe I’m really grasping at pear air here. Come back for more recipes, kitchen tales and tips—and bring a friend. We’ll talk food next time 😉

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6 responses to “and all I could say was hello

  1. Alice

    What a cute story–not the movie, the way you came up with the name for your blog. How did I not know that?

  2. Mom Stark

    Happy blogiversary, Lindsey!!! I very much enjoy learning from you and keeping up with you through you your blog!! I love you!!

  3. Andrea

    Love how you came up with the name A Pear to Remember and love the movie as well…Its a great blog and I always read it. I just need to start learning how to cook 😉

    • Andrea, come over some night and we’ll cook together—that would be so fun. You and Steven always have a standing reservation at Chez Lindrew. Of course, in our place, if you don’t call ahead it may indeed be standing room only 😉

      Thanks for visiting!

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