the nutty chef

It’s a challenge keeping this blog completely free of my many other hobbies—some of which include boring and domestic activities like making collages for our wall and attaching objects with my glue gun.

For my fellow crafty foodies (Martha’s inspiration): a nut wreath. Rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients, fiber, and Vitamin E!  Not recommended for consumption (never had a taste for glue myself), but the squirrels may indulge should you display it outdoors.

If this piece of home decor arouses your appetite for almonds, nuts are fantastic in salads, ground for sauces, and in itty bitty portions for your drawer at work 😀

If your creative juices are flowing, grab an inexpensive wooden wreath form, some hot glue, whole nuts, and go to town. If you’re feeling more culinary inspiration, click here for Pear recipes with nuts galore!


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2 responses to “the nutty chef

  1. Emily

    So cute! Where are you going to hang it?

    • I think in the kitchen!! I have another wreath form, however, and just enough nuts to make a mini one. I’ll be giving at least one away. Shall I save it for your wedding gift? 😉 Congratulations on your marriage, here are hot-glued walnuts.

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