the life and death of tweety mccluck: part one

(to the tune of the Brady Bunch theme song)

verse 1

this is the story, of a cook named Lindsey

who was bringing home a very heavy bird

it was free-range, it’s from the market

though it’s pasta this vegetarian preferred…

verse 2

and this one day she roasted chicken for her husband,

and another guest, a very special man,

who gave her to her parents as a baby,

it was all part of life’s bigger plan…


The Tweety Bunch! Enough for lunch! Though she undercooked the breasts a little bit!


Thanks for singing along. 

Saturday morning was my favorite little trip:

a brief walk in the woods


just 30 seconds later....


over the bridge and through the woods and you're there (not grandma's house...)




check out that pumpkin, Charlie Brown!



these came home with me, surprised?


offending fellow vegetarians, surely

Besides some pears, squash, broccoli, mozzarella and arugula, I picked up Tweety McCluck: a 4lb. fresh, free-range chicken from Farmer Tim.   Any thighs or breast pieces? Nope, he only had whole chickens to sell. Farmer Tim went on about how delicious his chickens are because of their feed and exercise before I politely informed him I had no intention of personally eating the chicken. 

What does one clueless vegetarian do with a whole chicken??

I found a recipe for eaaaaasy no-work flavorful roast chicken and have a stunning pasta dish to share with you. Plus, more on the story of our dinner guest. All on the next installment of Tweety McCluck!

return soon for the recipes to these lemon-y entrees!



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6 responses to “the life and death of tweety mccluck: part one

  1. Alice

    Those pictures are beautiful. You could be a professional photographer! The pasta salad looks good, too.

  2. I think you would love this pasta, I was so sad to finally finish all the leftovers!! Andrew has another night of chicken, at least!

  3. Great seeing you today at the Statements grand opening. I’ll be perusing your blog regularly now. Which one did you say was your favorite again? I forgot! Oh, and which market is this? I love farmers markets!

    • It was wonderful meeting you, too!! If you’re referring to food blogs I love, there is no doubt Smitten Kitchen takes the cake on those I’ve seen. You’ll find a link to it at the bottom of my page. These photos are from the Fairfax County farmer’s markets, absolutely love them. Love that you visited, come back soon!

  4. Thanks! Where are the Fairfax County farmers markets? I LOVE farmers markets. I usually go to Dale City or Manassas.

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