coming soon to a stovetop near you

Greetings, readers! I must apologize for my absence, I’ve been too busy cooking and celebrating wedding anniversary #2 to write you about the the delicious happenings these days.

Two years ago…

(I'm the wee one in white)

Through all this celebration, we enjoyed some amazing eats lately. Please come back soon to read all about

  • orange sesame shrimp + ancient secret stir-fry
  • fantastic five-minute chickpea salad
  • a carrot-apple combo you won’t believe
  • freezer veggie gratin with herbed bechamel
  • homemade Indian cuisine (saag paneer for our anniversary dinner)
  • my Grammy’s no-longer-top-secret homemade mac and cheese

… and more.

See you back here soon!


P.S. a glimpse at some great eats from our weekend anniversary celebration in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia.

mornings at our rustic bed and breakfast, The Ledge House. you can imagine how awkward I made the guests with my camera...

Andrew's burger plus my bleu cheese-strawberry salad at The Carriage House

at Stone Soup Bistro, a vegetarian's dream: walnut-lentil-mushroom burger with fresh mozzarella and homemade pesto. The Best Sandwich Of My Entire Life.

not much food here, but an unexpected 10-mile hike with a rewarding view of the town


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