fancy meeting you here

Since the first post of A Pear to Remember just a few months ago, WordPress tracks the number of visitors  who venture here in search of deliciously easy cuisine (3,198 as of today) .

It also displays the terms (verbatim) folks type into a search engine to find A Pear to Remember —but not your name, address, or social security number I’m afraid. Ha. It’s handy to know how daring cooks find me here, in case, say, I hoped to reach even more creaders one day (that’s cooks + readers).

Among my favorite ways readers discovered this versatile little food blog:

tupperware dose zebralook

crunchy farmer switzerland

hunting stove

corn farmer in benin

ugly green jell-o store-bought

soggy tarts

nature that looks like ruffles

pear remembering

swiss chard burning in throat

meaning of as good as it gets

красивая еда (which translates to…???)

olives hair oil

retro kettle that looks like a pear

plain large sheets of colored glass

So your homework tonight (besides to enjoy a scrumptious TGIF meal) is to pass on A Pear to Remember—maybe to someone who thinks they don’t have time to cook elegant dinners, or that gourmet food means big bucks on exotic ingredients. We’ll remedy that.

However you found A Pear to Remember, thanks for coming. Come back soon—maybe we’ll talk about that hair oil in the hunting stove…





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2 responses to “fancy meeting you here

  1. Alice

    Pretty soon you will be able to pass this blog along to all of your new colleagues. Congrats again on the new job!

    Oh, and I’ll pass it on to my h.s. classmates that I’ve been getting back in touch with as preparations are underway for our 35th reunion. Boy that makes me sound old!

  2. feastonthecheap

    Soggy tarts? That’s hilarious… Who on earth is googling these things!

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