goodies galore

A Pear to Remember is many things. Mostly, it’s a blog about what I’m cooking. Occasionally, it’s Here’s-What-I-Ate-On-Vacation or A-Rare-Photo-Opportunity-Of-The Apartment-Kitchen-At-Its-Spiffiest. Today is a brief meditation on The Kind of Things That Make Lindsey’s Day.

Saving the best for last, here are two little indulgences from our recent family vacation. I spent a good 45-minutes in A Culinary Duck, chatting with the owner about knives and pans and leaving with these two beauties…

I hope you also believe in fate. Truly, I tell you, as I was researching this whisk on-line to write more about it, I learned it is called a Frog Whisk!!! I had two pet frogs (rest in peace Vertie, 2002-2009) and adore the little amphibians. I just bought this whisk to help my roux, who knew it would bear such personal meaning?

Anyhow, the Kuhn Rikon Switzerland kitchen products are so groovy, and my time at A Culinary Duck was spent narrowing down my favorite. I was between this and the tornado whisk, but think this tool is best for keeping my roux off my whisk and in my mac and cheese.

I headed to the register, about to settle for my frog whisk and an overpriced bench scraper with great grip (so essential, yet absent in my wee kitchen). I perused the spoon rests (as ours was smashed to smithereens last year, shortly after Vertie’s untimely—but unrelated—death). It was the usual: boring oversized ceramic, too decorative to be practical, or shaped like a flip-flop. But that, my friends, is before the shop owner introduced me to this little $7 wonder… I did a double-take: is it an assortment of flowers? Oh silly me! It’s garlic! Beautiful, hand-painted-in-China garlic!

The bench scraper must wait, as we’ve been desperate for a location to rest our spoons for the majority of our marriage. Do you love it, too?

But really, these things are nothing compared to today’s arrival in the mail. Oh sure, a frog whisk and garlic spoon rest can perk a gal up, but when it’s that kind of [Mon]day when all of life’s joyful and miraculous things slip your mind and you have the nerve to feel discouraged… Well, that was me until just an hour ago.

Now, what are the odds, really. I got out of my Monday blues enough to venture to the mailbox. It should be stuffed full, a week of stopped mail being delivered just an hour ago, right?

But empty. Practially. Just a perky pink envelope, resting casually against the door with a smug Oh I’m Just Here to Cheer You Up lean, my name hand-written in a friendly black print.

And it was a thick little card from Jen, my college friend-re-located to Tennessee-married and living life with her beautiful children-and gosh I haven’t seen her in nearly four years-Jen. And inside the sweet note addressed to her “fellow bloggy friend” was this:

A precious hand-stiched pear. A pear to remember all kinds of things: to smile (things do work out), to be kind, to reach out and remind people they’re loved. 

Jen, thank you for a much needed reminder today.

(Besides, my keychain is awfully grim with that black canister of pepper spray 😉 Have you ever seen such a jolly fruit of felt?)

next up: Greek Skillet Lasagna, a weeknight delight!

Read more from crafty Jen at 🙂



P.S. A raw-foodist hippy acquaintance from college (not crafty Jen above) wrote today: Earth’s the right place for love. Take it as you like.



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3 responses to “goodies galore

  1. Jen

    Yay, I’m so glad you like it! I mean really, who couldn’t benefit from a fun little fruit friend on their keyring 🙂 You definitely deserve it!

  2. Lynette

    OK – I give up – what is a bench scraper – sounds like a tool to refinish furniture!!! ??? Surely not something to use in the kitchen!!

    • It’s this nifty tool we used all the time when I worked at the bakery, also known as a dough scraper or dough cutter. It is a small sheet of stainless steel with a handle of wood, plastic, or—in this case, a thick rubber grip. Because the bottom is sharp, you could use it to actually chop produce, but it’s most efficient in scraping up all your prepped ingredients to add to your pan. Because I have to prep ingredients on a counter a few steps from the stove, I usually make three trips to scrape up a lot of, say, onions with my chef’s knife. Since our workspace is tiny, my cutting board is usually covered with a lot of veggies that makes picking it up (and traveling across the kitchen) a challenge! It’s just a helpful little solution : )


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