screwdrivers (minus the orange juice)

I have been cooking delicious things these days, but (surprise, here it comes) too busy studying for exams to tell you all about it! Well, I promise to share the secrets of homemade aioli (a ridiculous, idiotic, and utterly scrumptious undertaking) this week.

In the meantime, I’ve been dabbling in other talents (or lack thereof). Cabinet making? Lindsey connecting with her central-Pennsylvania roots?

I was determined to help our kitchen storage situation. There are more kitchen dishes, supplies, etc. cluttering our counters and stuffing the hall closet. I go bonkers when I need to use the counter for practical things like, oh, cooking.

While some friends in China helped greatly with the shaping and painting, I had my work cut out for me from there. With dozens of screws, dowels, and super-glued fingers (not recommended), Andrew sat by highly amused.

I don’t think this should have taken me as long as it did (completed on Day 2 by the busy busy student). Now that’s it’s finished, I feel so accomplished with my artificial handiwork. I’m related to all these handy people, at least I can pretend to keep up!

I like to think the uneven doors add a hint of charm and character.

Now that we’ve got a few kitchen items out of the way, I don’t have to root through the closet and dust the blender before my morning smoothies! Hoping to relocate those closet-bound utensils and make some more room for moving and working in our kitchen.

I realize this post seems a bit unrelated to cooking, but it was a feat (for me) nearly as satisfying as my homemade aioli. I said nearly.

When I’m back, I must tell you about last night’s dinner (avec an influence francaise…) and about these:

(just ask my father-in-law how exciting they are!)

until next time, happy eating!



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3 responses to “screwdrivers (minus the orange juice)

  1. Mom Stark

    Linz, you are a hoot. I am so proud of your many talents. The cabinet is very nice, but I couldn’t help but notice the olive colored Kitchenaide mixer. I LOVE it and think that color is PERFECT!!!!!
    Keep blogging–I really look forward to your posts.
    I love you!!

    • Thanks, Momma Stark. I believe my Kitchenaid is “pitaschio” or “lime zest” or something. the olive color is more subtle ; ) Mine sure looks fantastic with all my green accessories!!!

  2. Alice

    Yes, the father-in-law seconds his original affirmation. When I told him he’d made the blog, he reiterated his point, “Yeah, they were reeeeeally good.”‘ OK, it doesn’t sound like a lot, but being married to another person with huge emotional responses I think you realize how much he liked them.

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