something to chew on

A two-minute appetizer? Shock your guests with these…

Get yourself some Peppadews. Peppawho, you say? These sweet piquanté peppers are available at just about every grocery store with an olive bar. And many, many grocery stores are adding these now. I don’t hang around many bars (olive, salad, or otherwise), but ever since my Anna shared these shockingly delightful treats with Andrew and I, I’ve been finding all kinds of excuses to serve them. And I just had to share them with you.

You’ll be able to locate these among the olives, because they’ll likely be the only peppers among all the greenish and blackish doo-dads. Grab a big scoopful because these are also great in salad or on (homemade!) pizza. Plus, you’re going to eat a bunch.

Ingredient No. 2? Cheese of your choice! Fresh mozzarella is oh-so-good stuffed into these kickin’ peppers, just pop a cube into each. Goat cheese, feta cheese, cream cheese—also great fillers. Since I was bringing these to a gathering where I needed to assemble a number of them quickly, I processed fresh mozzarella, ricotta, and a little parmesan together to more easily squeeze my filling inside each.

That’s all! It’s really a two-minute appetizer, and the picture here simply doesn’t do justice to it’s surprising complexity.

Just in case you need something else to chew on, I want to take a little more space here to share something important. Back in college, I was a certified fitness instructor with a remarkable young woman named Corinne. I happened to be in a poetry class simultaneously with another fantastic person, who would later become her husband. Soon after their marriage, Nick and Corinne brought their music and English and fitness skills to Kazakhstan, where they serve with the Peace Corps.

Please take just a click to learn about Corinne’s CAMP GLOW: Girls’ Leadership Camp, a week-long camp for college-aged girls. To fund the camp, Corinne and the girls she serves held a recent bake sale that raised 8,000 tenge. Sounds awesome. But that’s about $53, and short of their goal. The girls are holding at least two more bake sales to raise funds on their own, but in case you can’t make it overseas for a brownie, a $5 donation is not a bad idea!

Visit the government’s website to learn about the status of Corinne’s project, and click RIGHT HERE to see some of Corinne’s students. Thank you for taking the time to consider donating to such an exciting, significant initiative on behalf of a dear friend. Here is the link to Corinne & Nick Huber’s blog… rearrange the letters to Huber Peace Corps and you get the name of their blog Pure Crop Beaches.

Anna & I at the Huber's wedding (not in Kazakhstan)!

An unrelated note, but a special connection I also have to the Hubers is that our mutual friend, Ryan Burke, photographed both of our weddings. Explains this awesome picture.

Thank you for supporting their important work, and thank you, as always, for reading A Pear to Remember.


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4 responses to “something to chew on

  1. Lynette

    Love, love, love peppadews. Do you think a little char from the broiler would be tasty to melt plain mozzarella just a bit. You would have to be careful not to get a puddle, but if you are serving them at home, it might be a great hot appetizer!!! What do you think Linds???

    • I have a special affection for cold cheeses, especially regarding mozzarella. There is something lovely about the texture and flavor of cold mozz vs. the melted gluey, often rubbery result of melting. Those I do enjoy it on pizza, in a treat like this, I am more likely to serve the cheese cold. Cold mozz also plays nicely off the spicy pepper.

      Always love your feedback, Lynette!

  2. Anna

    Lindsey Love –

    So excited my peppadews made an appearance on your blog!! I’m happy (and not surprised) to see you are experiementing with them. They look fantastic. We shall have them at our next soiree together.

    Love you lots!!

    • I don’t know if we’ll have luck finding peppadews in remote Delaware. Might have better luck popping some of the corn from that big ol’ field across the street 😉

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