good eats, good reads

Greetings fellow foodie-blog-followers!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for joining me here at A Pear to Remember. Writing a cooking blog certainly has me reading more food blogs (& blogs in general) these days. Though you’ll find reading aplenty to the right, there are blogs so spectacular amidst the world wide web, I must direct you to a few of my recent (and beloved) favorites.

You know my recent obsession with tartlettes, and not-so-recent affair with all things French. I know you will share my adoration for “My Tartelette: On the Sweet Side of Life”. Besides exquisite food photography, the author educates its readers on daily French vocab! What could be better? Ah, this has me missing Montreal…

Colorado photos and decadent food like fried lemon slices? Oh you must see it to believe it. Check out the blog (whose name I support whole-heartedly) “Use Real Butter”. For the link to this blog, and specifically this intriguing fried lemon dish:

My favvvvvvvvvvvvvorite source of cooking inspiration. If you have not checked out “Smitten Kitchen” yet, you have not lived. Okay, things are not so bleak as that, but I’m saying that Deb’s creations would motivate anyone to run to the kitchen and make something delicious. Besides that, she is a very talented food photographer.

Lastly, while I find a number of non-food blogs highly entertaining, I just encountered an adorable blog celebrating parents. It’s called “My Parents Were Awesome” and relies on readers to post a photo celebrating their parents when they “were free-wheeling, fashion-forward, and super awesome.” It’s a sweet idea, and I have a submission of my own in the near future…

happy reading, and don’t forget to return to A Pear!



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2 responses to “good eats, good reads

  1. So, working at 5 a.m. certainly gives me ample opportunity to check out my culinary escape websites before it gets too busy at work! Naturally, your blog is on my must check list now, and I must say I love it!! Your pictures are fantastic…so are the ones of these blogs you posted (Smitten Kitchen was the one I looked at… gorgeous!) Anyway, I’m sure you’ve already checked it out but if you haven’t you and your husband should poke around I got hooked in the winter! It’s great for recipe ideas, blogs, photos, etc. Anyway, back to work! Happy Eats!

    • We will certainly check out foodbuzz, Jessie. And please keep us posted on great (preferably inexpensive!) restaurants in the area. I can tell you right now, if you haven’t been to Cedar Cafe in Springfield, you’re really missing something. Look it up and give it a try; best carry-out in the area in my opinion.

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