veggie tales to come…

Dear readers,

I’m overloaded with research these days (examining home-cooked meals and decreased childhood obesity!), but I have so many food adventures to share with you. This past weekend, I made slow-roasted tomatoes (cue moans of utter bliss) and handmade pasta…


Tossed some fresh fettucine with slow-roasted tomatoes, roasted red pepper, olive oil and feta. Recipe coming soon!

I promise to share more of my pasta adventures upon my return here (after Tuesday’s multiple papers & presentations are complete). Most importantly, we’ve got to talk summer, because with a 91 degree day today and higher temperatures expected tomorrow, I’m in the mood for some cold fruit and icy drinks. Next post, I’ve GOT to tell you all about my to-die-for lime summer salad. While I’ve got you thinking about summer, and my homework is demanding my return, check out my hubby’s blog for summer movies to anticipate (and maybe a few to avoid)…

The Film Track: Summer Movie Preview 2010!

Until next week, happy & healthy eating, and let me know what’s cooking in your kitchen.


thanks for reading,



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