sensible snacks and purple basil

I should preface that this post contains sensible, wacky snacks 😉 No carrots & ranch or cheese on crackers here!

My MmOH-friend (that’s mutual-maids-of-honor) Kerie came over Friday to visit and indulge me in the premiere of Food Revolution. Oh my goodness—did anyone watch it??? Well, knowing we’re going to be watching and talking health food, she brought over an unusual “dessert” that even she hadn’t tried before! You’re going to think we’re nuts, snacking on Annie’s All-Natural Whole Grain Bunny Graham Crackers with fresh Greek yogurt on a Friday night. Yes, health nuts for sure. (We get our fill of dark chocolate the rest of the working week).

Enjoying the sweetest blackberries made this a late-night snack I’m ready to repeat.

a hip dip: greek yogurt with a drizzle of honey, accompanied by sweet blackberries and bunny grahams


I know you think I’m bonkers. But I’m throwing these wacky (and goodness forbid deliciously-wholesome) snacks out there to inspire some alternative, interesting choices for midday munchies.

Start raising your eyebrows now at this afternoon’s invention, since interning at Azafran Cafe provided me with creative combinations without which I now cannot live! I have come to cherish unexpected flavors.

Two words: Basil + Strawberries. Pure delight.

So a craving for something different this afternoon led me to through together this little concoction:

fresh rustic loaf topped with asiago cheese, strawberries, purple basil, and a balsamic drizzle.


Yes, you read correctly: PURPLE BASIL. It’s quite awesome when your second-favorite herb comes in your first-favorite color.

If you haven’t made a balsamic drizzle before, what are you waiting for? Godot? Just pour a bit of balsamic vinegar in a small saucepan, add a pinch of sugar if you like, and keep over medium-low heat until it reduces and thickens, coating the back of a spoon. The flavor is so concentrated, you only need a bit. Hence the drizzling.

Other ideas for strawberries and basil: a summer salad, sorbet with fresh basil, or best yet: strawberry-basil lemonade! I know we’re not at that season yet, but Trader Joes’ strawberries were so sweet (and affordable), I couldn’t hold off much longer!! Forget Santa, I hope the Farmer’s market comes early this year.

So obviously I’m into drizzle: it’s such a delicate, graceful word. And you know how I adore words. If you don’t have time to simmer and drizzle yourself an afternoon snack, at least consider a fun, new combination—in the spirit of good weather and good health! The weather may seem unrelated, but the sunshine just raises my spirits. I pray the same good cheer for you!



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One response to “sensible snacks and purple basil

  1. Jen

    yum!!! Those both look amazing and very spring-y. I will have to try them, especially now that the berries at my local grocery store are finally starting to look appetizing again

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