romancing the (pizza) stone

Homemade pizza tonight…well, almost homemade. Though this turned out to be a slightly decadent dinner, I wasn’t going to risk setting the kitchen on fire like last night. (Special Thanks for that extinguisher, Pops). 

I picked up two fresh pizza doughs in the deli section of Trader Joes this week. I thought it would be fun to make gourmet pizzas this week, except when it came to making our meals, Andrew wanted to know where I was hiding the tomato sauce and cheese—whoops!


Sure enough, I purchased apples and a red onion this week, inspired to combine them with the gorgonzola and walnuts I had at home. Naturally, this was a disgusting idea to my Andrew (though I came prepared), so I whipped out some marinated chicken breasts and he came up with a fantastic BBQ chicken pizza!

I thought it wouldn’t hurt to type “gorgonzola apple caramelized onion” into Bing for some additional inspiration. Ironically, I found “Granny Smith Apple and Gorgonzola Pizza” from who else but Kevin, a fellow food blogger, who created my Oscar feta dip!!

While Andrew ran out to “borrow” some BBQ sauce, I caramelized some thickly sliced red and yellow onions—I wanted red for my pizza (especially flavorful alongside gorgonzola), but thought yellow onions a better complement to Andrew’s chicken. Once they were soft and shriveled, I stirred in some balsamic vinegar.

Mom gave me this goofy chopper that is completely useless for my onion-tears situation, but just perfect for chopping nuts. Kevin, of the blog Closet Cooking, inspired me to add walnuts to this pizza. You may think I’m going nuts with these exotic pizza ingredients, but I was striving for a sophisticated vegetable tart—with pizza dough for ease 🙂 

Special thanks to my Momma Stark for loaning me her ultra-groovy apple-peeler-corer-slicer! Besides that it saved me extra work for tonight’s dinner, the apples were just the right width for even cooking (and display)! 

how nifty is this?

 Homemade pizza cooks beautifully crisp on preheated pizza stones (as this is the best re-creation of pizzeria perfection at home), but sliding heavy pizza from a peel onto a hot stone has proved detrimental in our previous efforts…

Andrew spread a thin layer of barbeque sauce on his crust before layering the pizza with chicken, caramelized onions, and monterey jack cheese

I do have some carrots in the fridge to use up, but I don’t imagine anyone I know approving of my serving roasted carrots with pizza! Arugula leaves with shavings of parmesan and deliciously simply lemon vinaigrette was just right!

my Towson Tiger retrieving his BBQ pizza



Both of our pizzas resulted in gourmet flavors, and created easily at home. In eight minutes. Of course, if you want super-duper easy, have marinara and cheese on hand… though I’d argue it’s no more work to throw some veggies on top 😉 Perfect with Pinot!


my apple-gorgonzola caramelized onion pizza with walnuts didn't turn out exquisette in presentation, but indeed in taste!






99-cent pre-made pizza dough plus on-hand ingredients… that’s less than a tip for the delivery guy!

p.s. can you guess what film we enjoyed with our pizzas??



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2 responses to “romancing the (pizza) stone

  1. Michele

    Linds, I think your apple pizza is beautiful…and it’s not just because I’m really hungry either! I’m catching up on your previous posts, everything looks great. XO-M

  2. Jen

    Wow, that looks like delicious food art! My mouth is watering….

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