unpredictable winners

When you’re married to a filmmaker (who thank-the-Lord shares your indifference for athletics), Oscar Night is like the Super Bowl. But more fun 🙂

Naturally, important televised events call for superb dips, so I was grateful to come across this one on my new favorite food blog: Canadian Closet Cooking. Apparently there are other adventurers making the most out of their teeny kitchens! Kevin, the author of this blog, created a really easy Greek dip  called Htipiti. Don’t ask me to pronounce it. With a food processor, this is a very quick and yummy roasted red pepper and feta cheese dip!

Fresh roasted peppers are a teeny bit more effort, though purchasing jarred versions take all the work out of this effortless appetizer.

To roast peppers (and jalapeno, as I did here), just slice in half and broil for about 7 or so minutes until completely blackened.

Place the piping peppers in a freezer bag until cooled. Steaming them makes the skin so easy to pinch off.

Now I had never worked with jalapeno peppers before, and I’m also a wimp when it comes to heat. I began with 1/4 of a pepper in the dip and actually found that to be medium spicy. If you want a very mild dip, just add 1/8 pepper and adjust to your liking.

This is likely the fastest homemade appetizer ever. Just toss everything in the food processor: feta, roasted peppers, green onion, lemon juice, sun-dried tomatoes, and one clove of garlic! 

My love for pita is indescribable, so you can only imagine my adoration for pita chips! I used whole wheat pita, which I of course enjoy because it’s so nutritious and hearty. Pita chips also toast in about 2 minutes, so they’re a healthful alternative to pretzels or potato chips. This time around, I brushed them with olive oil (& chopped garlic mixed in) before toasting. It made absolutely no difference, and even made them a bit soggy. I suggest toasting them dry, as I’ve done in the past. No need to add the additional fat if it’s not enhancing the flavor. I couldn’t taste the fresh garlic either—dried garlic may have been more effective.

In my dip-making excursions, I also attempted an impromptu french onion dip. I roasted some garlic and chopped onion while the (toaster) oven was still hot from the pepper-roasting. I mixed this in with plain yogurt (having no sour cream on hand), salt, a dash of teriyaki, and a little dried onion powder. Not bad! I’m not a regular purchaser of potato chips, but this, after all, was a special occasion 😉 

If you want to try Kevin’s Greek dip, visit the recipe here on his blog.


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3 responses to “unpredictable winners

  1. Ashley Fellers

    (Really) random thoughts:

    1) This looks so good. So good. So good!!

    2) Question: when do you feel it’s necessary to remove the skin from peppers, and when do you leave them alone? I usually don’t bother skinning them when I grill (i.e. for a salad, on a sandwich), and they’ve never annoyed me, but I’m curious what the Expert thinks. 🙂

    3) Why, oh why, oh WHY can’t I find some one w/ whom to share those gorgeous fried gorgonzola creations from two entries ago? Thomas hates all cheese that, to him, smells “rotten,” bleu cheese topping his list. Lately he won’t even eat simple farm chevre. Which makes me sad. 😦 He has a classic stepmom horror story involving being forced to drink sour milk as a child… which led to his hatred of anything but the most processed & flavorless dairy products. TRAGIC, especially w/ strawberries coming in season soon (strawberry and gorgonzola salad … yum!).

    4) Remember that entry where you asked about tips for blender-transferring for soup? Well, I usually use my immersion blender, but every once in awhile I do the food-processor shuffle, and when I do, I use (get ready to laugh) a commercial-grade stable-plastic Sysco beer pitcher. How, you ask, did a Sysco beer pitcher come to be in my kitchen? Honestly, I have no idea. My only hypothetical explanation is that, at some (low) point in my life, one of my skeezy college guy friends went to a bar, LEFT WITH A PITCHER, crashed in a drunken stupor on my living-room sofa, and left behind an unusual parting gift. Frightening. On the upside, though, the spout is PERFECT for this kind of thing, and it holds a near-exact food-processor amount. Know any bartenders? 🙂

    • Ashley,

      This WAS excellent, according to my mom who came over today, tried some, and took all my leftovers back to Delaware. You must try it. (Andrew & his sister enjoyed it, too)!

      Let me tell you that Andrew shoved ALL of my beauuuuuuuuutiful fried gorgonzola balls to the side of his plate, leaving more, of course, for me. Though I appreciated this gesture…such a waste 😦
      My point: You must simply come visit and eat cheese balls with me as our hubbys sneak off to the corner to eat cheeseburgers or something 😉

      LOVE the pitcher idea for soup. I don’t have a fun plastic one, but a large glass pitcher from my mom that would likely hold soup nicely. I will absolutely try this, as I’ve been discouraged from my soup-making inclinations recently, hoping to avoid these very dilemmas!

      Thanks for reading, as always, and keep in touch!


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