rabbit food

Even as a vegetarian, I have never had a passion for salads. I recall my first 20 or so years of salad experience involving crunchy romaine, boxed croutons, and ranch dressing. I doubt even bunnies would be excited about that.

But I’m here to make a case for salads. In my more recent experimental (culinary) years, I’ve discovered the appeal of an interesting salad. It’s through these dishes that I realized my love for the combination of cheese and fruit, nuts and greens.

Since I’m sick of ranch dressing for life, and clueless as to inventing my own, I tend to make salads when I discover a tantalizing recipe. I find my favorite salad inspirations at vegetariantimes.com and realsimple.com. Under Cooking/Food on the right, you can also find links to my other favorite recipes sites. On adventurous days, I open my cookbook called SALADS by Peter Gorden with complex but really innovative salad creations.

Hover your pointer over the photos to inspire salad possibilities, and please share favorite salads from your kitchen!




I do hope this stirred some of your creative cooking juices! No intimidation here: just check out the recipes above!


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