kid-tested, Sophie approved

What’s a gal to do with three spotty bananas (after eating two bananas a day for a week, geesh)? 

Why, attempt banana muffins of course! Perhaps not an Olympic feat for many of you out there, but baking is not an activity I attempt more than twice a year. I can taste and adjust things on the stove, but baking involves so much trust in fractions and I’ve suffered a lifelong math allergy for which there is not yet a known cure.

The recipe called for chocolate chips, which sounds like my kind of awesome, but it was the only ingredient I didn’t have on hand. Were my fellow healthnut-friends not visiting, I might have considered chocolate improvisation. But I substituted dried cranberries, and they were surprisingly as sweet as I hoped! But don’t take my word for it…

Sophie, the one-year-old daughter of my dear friend Stephanie, couldn’t get enough banana muffins. In fact, she got a little fussy if we were enjoying them and not offering her a bite!

     ….who wants another muffin?


I wish I had some fantastic, magical recipe for banana muffins to share with you, but I have no doubt your recipe is better than mine. I keep trying new recipes with no wow results—please share if you possess a foolproof banana bread! Nothing monumental today, but Sophia is sweet enough to share, so it’s worth documenting my first of two baking attempts of 2010 🙂






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3 responses to “kid-tested, Sophie approved

  1. Lynette

    I do have the ultimate foolproof banana bread recipe and will send it. I don’t have a scanner so will have to copy it. Be patient, but since you only bake twice a year, I think I have time. Later.

  2. Oh thank you, Lynette! Yes, just get it to me by November : )

  3. Alice

    The muffins sound delicious, but I would have had to add the chocolate chips! Of course, I loved seeing the baby. She is adorable!

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