she sells pepper-bells by the seashore…

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. We had to sadly postpone our NYC trip at the last minute, so cooking with our New York friends must wait for a bit. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t great food this weekend!

we ended up here for the weekend. oh pity, a snowy deserted beach...

You are reading further now, likely expecting me to tell you all about it. Sadly, I’ve got a huge exam in my Eating Disorders class tomorrow, so I must return to studying for now. But I’m dropping by to say hello to tell you to be sure and come back because you definitely want to learn how to make flavorful, six-minute shrimp … 

6-minute shrimp, just preheat the oven!





and I can’t imagine you really want to pass up a simple,  light roasted garlic sauce for whole-wheat angel hair pasta… 

 and I know you can’t wait to hear about the battle of the homemade pizzas we made for Doug & Odie (the dog) just before heading to visit to the parents for the weekend… 

an innovative veggie pizza competes with Andrew's meat lovers...

My apologies, but I’ve got to run. My textbook is calling… and so is lunch!

I'll be back! Return soon for delicious reading!


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