demand delicious

I can’t imagine beginning a cooking blog without talking about good food. We all have food preferences, sure. Me, for instance, I’m not big fan of hot spices, black beans, or meat of any kind. Or seafood. Or eggs.

Regardless, I think it’s important to establish  a universal standard among ourselves as beings who are blessed enough to consume food for both survival and pleasure. May I assume (since you’re visiting me here) that you especially enjoy good food? I mean that even if you think you only have time for a pre-packaged/deli-counter dinner, you don’t truly enjoy it. I mean that you’re delighted by tender meat, rich sauces, non-soggy pasta, and crisp, flavorful vegetables.  Still, I don’t get my hopes up that you share my sincere affinity for broccoli or roasted eggplant.

I’m not the kinda gal to send my food back at a restaurant, but it is fair to expect a fresh, flavorful dish when it is carefully prepared by someone who knows food. And I’m here now, I’m saying I started this blog to say we can have this at home, too. We can, and should, expect great food at home. (No, I’m not coming over to make it). Why should 20 minutes to spare mean bland or sodium-saturated food?

Now I love making things from scratch, but Andrew and I enjoyed Annie’s Organic Whole-Wheat White Cheddar Shells (say that 10 times fast) out of a cardboard box for dinner tonight. Well, you know, we put it in a pot first. And you know what? With some fresh pepper, frozen broccoli roasted in garlic oil, spiced applesauce, and a salad with roasted garlic dressing, it was great. No fancy ingredients, yet a flavorful, balanced meal to put a smile on our faces while the snow traps us here on the couch for another hundred re-runs of The Office.

Most days of the week, when I’m not trudging through three feet of snow to get to the grocery store, I make more inventive meals. And guess what? Most don’t take hours or excessive ingredients.

I hope you’ll visit often for recipes and cooking ideas. I love cooking for others, and I’m amazed how many times guests are delighted with something creative because they claim they “can’t cook”. Nonsense. Add fresh garlic to jarred pesto, sauté crisp veggies in a skillet, roast just about anything in the oven and the results are likely to be spectacular : )


I know you were thinking it, here is the recipe for the salad above. 



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9 responses to “demand delicious

  1. Jen

    It’s good to know that even amazing chefs like you eat food from a box from time to time 🙂

  2. Reminded Andrew and I of college!

  3. Lynette

    Lindsey – I absolutely love this endeavor. It allows you to do all the things you do best – write, cook, and yes entertain!!! I am so proud of you. The blog is fun and fact filled. I actually did not know the difference between EVOO and pure OO. I had no idea EVOO smoked when too hot. You are my cooking mentor!! I looked forward to each and every blog and picture and event. Perhaps a 4-5 shelf wire metal storage rack would fit in your kitchen for your most used big items – do you have room???? Love you.


    You are amazing. You can cook for us anytime and we will clean up.

  5. Ashley Fellers

    Linds, this cracks me up. We are a lot more alike than we at one time gave ourselves credit for. 🙂

    On late market Wednesdays in the summer, if I was truly too exhausted to really cook or even put together a fancy salad after standing for 6+ hours in the sun behind our baking stand, Annie’s shells w/ white cheddar were ALWAYS my standby. They were so comforting somehow, especially after an ice-cold shower. And we’d usually end up eating them in front of reruns of the Office on hulu.

    I am SO EXCITED about your blog and I will follow it for sure! Can’t wait! 🙂

    • Ashley, I’m so happy you stopped by! Annie’s are so fun, more the cute box than the contents. I’m always tempted to send away for the cute bunny bumper sticker…

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